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Tax-Time Chat for Authors | Writers In The Storm

by Jenny Hansen “You can’t deduct a hobby.” Many creatives hear these words from their accountants, especially if they don’t keep the proper paperwork. You can trust me on this. First, because I am terrible at paperwork and secondly, because I work with dozens of CPAs. (They totally say this.) If you do nothing else

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5 Writing Lessons I Learned From The Voice

As writers, we are artists. We create through inspiration—a spark brought to fruition through discipline, hard work, and practice. And we draw inspiration from everywhere around us. I had some inspiring moments this week as a result of following up on a suggestion from my mentor, Dean Wesley Smith. He told me to go watch

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Scaling Content With a Team

So you’ve been producing content for your business for a while now. Things have gone well, and you’re getting a good bit of traction. You have new leads daily and your view and read counts are exactly where you want them. Naturally, the next question becomes: how can I take things to the next level?

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