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Fast Simple Disposable Email Service for Professionals

About Lederto.com

Lederto.com is a fast email disposable service
for on-the-go professionals, college kids, businesses, pro athletes,
authors, web designers, survey takers, work-from-home, entrepreneurs, and more!

Keep your own personal email safe by
using a professional looking disposable email from LederTo.com.

Our quick service emails are great looking, and
will always provide a safe alternative solution, protecting your real email
from spammers, and online predators.

Frequently Asked Questions

LederTo.com FAQ

Lederto.com is a simple disposable email service that allows you to use temporary professional email addresses for on-the-go needs as well as protection from your original email address.

Lederto.com email addresses will never expire and will be available for use at any time. All emails are automatically deleted after 3 days.

LederTo.com disposable email addresses are user-friendly and are quick to use. Our temporary emails are a safe alternative to receiving junk files, spam, and many unwanted deliveries.

LederTo.com does not allow users to compose an email. However, you may create unlimited email addresses with our domains, and will be able to save and delete your email address' cache as needed. Users can receive unlimited emails with the many domain options provided.

If an email address you wanted has already been chosen, you will be able to see that email address' message inbox.

Anyone who has your email address name, address code, or address number can view received emails. All emails are automatically deleted after 3 days.

Users can create as many email addresses as needed. LederTo.com has many domain options to choose from, leaving your creativity endless.

As long as the email has been sent, you should receive the email instantly. If you have chosen to receive browser notifications via our automatic popup option, you will receive a chime every time a new email has arrived.

Absolutely! Seniors no longer have to worry about logging in and out of multiple email addresses while giving strangers and scammers private information. No unwanted advertisements, clutter, or sorting through unwanted emails. Once you are done with the email, it with automatically delete in 3 days.

Simply click the blue email menu icon on the bottom right corner of screen. There you will have several options to save, delete, or create a new email.

If you choose to save an email, a browser popup menu option will ask you to accept notifications from LederTo.com. After you accept, you will then hear a pleasant ding sound when a new email has arrived.

To delete an email address or clear your browser cache of current email address(s), click on the delete icon once and all email address(s) will be cleared. You will always be able use that email address any time by bookmark or typing it in the email address space in front of site.

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